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  • 07/21/2023 1:53 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    Another successful Bicycle Safety Checkpoint. Thanks to Bill Gorodetzer, Jim Prettyman and Steve Klein for volunteering. Only three more checkpoints left for the summer. If you want to volunteer sign up through the calendar or on the app.

    May be an image of 4 people, bicycle, road and text

    May be an image of 4 people, bicycle and text

  • 07/19/2023 10:40 AM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    I have good news to report! This is good news for our cycling community and Sussex County.

    DelDOT was very recently awarded a $21M grant from the US Department of Transportation to finish the Georgetown Lewes Trail (GLT)! This encompasses adding new trail from Fisher Road to Airport Road! This award comes from the US DOT RAISE (Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) Grant program. The construction schedule is still TBD.

    The planning and design has been underway for a while. DelDOT and its contractors have been doing the design work ahead of the grant award. DelDOT has not yet announced the construction start or completion dates. But informally some at DelDOT believe they might be able to start construction sometime next year. 

    Our Sussex Cyclists president, John Kurpjuweit, sent a letter of support for the DelDOT grant submission application to the Secretary of the US DOT. The letter from John was approved by the officers and directors of the club. (Thank you John!) 

    Here is a link to the full list of the USDOT RAISE Grants awarded, including one for our sister county to the north, Kent County. That's two grants for trails awarded to DelDOT.


    And here is a link to the DelDOT Project Portal page for the GLT completion project.

    I hope everyone is having a great summer riding! And that the Lewes-area riders got out and back indoors safely before the early afternoon downpours moved thru today! 

    Best regards,

    Bill W

  • 07/11/2023 11:54 AM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    Don't miss the Picnic & Paddle event this year! There will be food, activities, and chances to connect with other members. Check it out!

    Thursday, August 17, 2023

    $10 per person includes
    chicken & soft drinks.

    Click here for informtion and registration.

  • 07/09/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    A quick reminder

    Sussex Cyclists/Rehoboth Beach Rotary Club Bike Event on November 4th

    20% Discount this week

    Hey Everyone!!

    Registration is now open for the last bike event of the season on November 4th in Milton, Delaware.

    To get things started registration is reduced by 20% for one week only. 

    Registration is $32 but will increase to $40 July 13th.  Come and join us again for a great ride on the rural roads around Milton, Delaware.

    Register at www.bikereg.com/rotarybike

    The event starts and ends at the Milton Historical Society, 210 Union Street, Milton, DE 19968

    After Party will be held at Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant at 105 Union Street in Milton.  

    Start Times:
    8:00am – 8:45am 100k (62.8-miles)
    8:45am – 9:15am 50k (30.5-miles)
    9:15am – 9:45am 25k (15.6-miles

  • 07/08/2023 4:48 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    Posted July 6 on Facebook by Denny:

    After being rained out the past two weeks , Mother Nature cooperated and another Bicycle Safety Checkpoint was held tonight. Thanks to Chris Braudy, Jim Prettyman, Jim Futrell, Tom Graham, and Steve Grandinali for volunteering for this great program on this hot evening

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  • 06/30/2023 11:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    From the Club's Ride Director

    June 30, 2023

    The July 4th holiday traditionally marks the beginning of "high season" that lasts through the Labor Day Holiday at The Beach. And for the next two months our Club Group Rides Program goes into high gear with at least one Club Group Ride every day from multiple start locations - Lewes to Bethany Beach - with different average moving speeds, ride lengths and choices between road, trail or mixed surface rides. We hope that all our members looking for a group ride experience will find a ride that they feel is appropriate for them. If there are any other kinds of rides you would like to see the club offer, please let me know. 

    Our program of providing safe and enjoyable riding is planned and implemented by our Club Group Rides Leadership that this year includes 38 member volunteers - 18 of whom to date have earned designation as a Club Group Ride Leader. Please provide them with any feedback you have about their ride. And a sincere thank you after the ride is always appreciated!

    Let me highlight a few things that that we have incorporated in our 2023 Club Group Ride Program.

    · We continue to have an on-line sign up in advance process for all our Club Group Rides and have streamlined the registration process. As in the past all registrants must agree to our Release and Waiver of Liability provisions as well as our revised Club Group Ride Rules, that includes our new club policy on the use of eBikes:  " eBikes must be safely ridden within the ride posted speed and club group ride etiquette. Pedal assisted eBikes (Class 1 and Class 3) are welcome. Throttle assisted eBikes (Class 2) may only be used on rides posted with a Target Speed of 15mph+/- or less, and only with pedal assist and without using the throttle."

    · The website calendar is now color coded to differentiate Club Recurring Rides (usually weekly), Club Ad Hoc (not regularly scheduled) Rides, Non-Club "Meet Up" Rides and Special Event Rides where we participate as Team Sussex Cyclists. Additional color coding is used for our Safety Stops and Other Club Activities. 

    · We have a new format to describe our ride details and no longer characterize rides with a letter designation. Instead we post rides on our website calendar by target moving speed and distance visible. If you have any questions, the Ride Leaders' contact information is there to encourage prospective riders to reach out to them before the ride. When selecting a ride, please read the ride details and start with a ride that is comfortably within your level of conditioning and ability. It's always advisable to choose a group ride that you can easily complete and enjoy rather than trying to keep up for fear that you will hold the rest of the riders back. 

    · We want to broaden our program this summer to include more rides in the 10-12mph average moving speed and for 15-20mi distances.  These are ideal for those getting back into or are new to cycling and want to develop good cycling skills, learn group ride safety and etiquette and feel comfortable riding in a group on our beautiful trails and roads. 

    I'm looking forward to riding with you on one of our Club Group Rides.  And as always, please contact me if you have any questions, comments or feedback.



    Bill Gorodetzer

    Text or Voice: (215) 370-2854

    Email: bgorodetzer@yahoo.com

  • 06/28/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    Click here for the Cape Gazette article.

    Click here for Bill Weller's recap, posted on "What's New" the other day. For those that don't know, Bill is our club's Advocacy Director, who works hard for the cycling community to Promote Safe and Enjoyable Cycling in Lower Delaware.

    Officials look for ways to reduce stress along Route 1 corridor

    Six road/intersection improvement projects are scheduled in or near the study area: 1. Intersection at Route 1 and Kings Highway and the Kings Highway corridor to Freeman Highway in Lewes; 2. Plantation Road Phase 2 between Lewes and Rehoboth; 3. Intersection at Old Landing and Warrington roads near Rehoboth; 4. Airport Road extension to Route 24 near Rehoboth; 5. Munchy Branch Road Phase 2 near Rehoboth; and 6. Crossing of Route 1 at at Miller and Munchy Branch roads. DELDOT GRAPHIC

    Read full article>

  • 06/24/2023 4:03 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    DelDOT bike workshop offers public chance for input, plan reviews... read on... 

    Article by Aaron Mushrush, Cape Gazette

  • 06/22/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

    Email from Bill Weller, Advocacy Director
    June 22,2023

    Hi All,

    On Tuesday, June 20th DelDOT held a public meeting to share their current plans for bike-related paths & trails in the Lewes & Rehoboth Beach area of SR-1/Coastal Hwy, under the goal to create alternate routes for bikes to avoid SR-1. At the meeting DelDOT asked for inputs from the public on their plans, especially those projects which have more than one option being considered.  In this email I'll share how to view the projects and how to provide your inputs. You, our cycling membership, have a lot of experience and I know there are opinions you'd love to share with DelDOT.  Below is the way to share those views with them!

     Project Summaries for:

    • SR-1 Low-Stress Bikeways Overview
    • Munchy Branch Vicinity Projects
    • Old Landing Road and Warrington Road Intersection
    • Munchy Branch Road Pathway Phase 2
    • Crossing SR-1 at Munchy Branch Rd & Miller Road

    URL: https://publicinput.com/sr1bikewaystudy#1

    Survey and a pre-formatted comment form:


    Submitting comments via email:


    Thanx for helping DelDOT make better biking decisions in this area!

    Best regards,

    Bill W

  • 06/22/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)
    Did you know that our very own Mike Shultz makes bamboo bikes? HIs company, Euilly5 bikes of Lewes, Delaware is named after his grandson, Euill Long the 5th, hence Euilly5. Check out his website at www.euilly5.graphicstardesigns.com.

    Mike documents the build process yearly with photos, lessons learned, design insights, etc. Mike will be happy to share his reports by email through is website. Here's his most current report.

    Inside look of the 2023 Mike Bikes
    By Mike Schultz

    After this week the drive sides and non drive sides will be bonded together and all the internals will be hidden.

    The photos show all the parts of the front triangle. The rear triangle is at a similar stage of completion and will remain in a press for one month to maintain the S shape bending. 

    This particular bike (of six) is bamboo and walnut. It is one of four road bikes. Two will be gravel bikes with a heavier construction and different shape. 

    The road bikes will be lighter and more streamlined than last year's, comparable to a carbon fiber frame. The "lugwork" is also a new feature, added strength at the corners while allowing a lightweight taper through the centers. All metal components are aluminum which I fabricate in the shop. 

    Like most of you, I join cycling clubs for fitness and a healthy social activity but I'm also doing field testing and gathering feedback and tips from cycling enthusiasts like you. The goal is to build a better bike. Bikes that will last generations, that combine art and engineering, that will appreciate in value like a Stradivarius or a Martin guitar, that draw carbon from the atmosphere not add to it. 

    A bamboo industry is blooming in the USA and hopefully I won't have to rely on imports in the future. This is visionary.


    It ain't just another bike,
    Euilly5 bikes of Lewes, Delaware, USA

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