Bamboo bikes? It ain't just another bike!

06/22/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)
Did you know that our very own Mike Shultz makes bamboo bikes? HIs company, Euilly5 bikes of Lewes, Delaware is named after his grandson, Euill Long the 5th, hence Euilly5. Check out his website at

Mike documents the build process yearly with photos, lessons learned, design insights, etc. Mike will be happy to share his reports by email through is website. Here's his most current report.

Inside look of the 2023 Mike Bikes
By Mike Schultz

After this week the drive sides and non drive sides will be bonded together and all the internals will be hidden.

The photos show all the parts of the front triangle. The rear triangle is at a similar stage of completion and will remain in a press for one month to maintain the S shape bending. 

This particular bike (of six) is bamboo and walnut. It is one of four road bikes. Two will be gravel bikes with a heavier construction and different shape. 

The road bikes will be lighter and more streamlined than last year's, comparable to a carbon fiber frame. The "lugwork" is also a new feature, added strength at the corners while allowing a lightweight taper through the centers. All metal components are aluminum which I fabricate in the shop. 

Like most of you, I join cycling clubs for fitness and a healthy social activity but I'm also doing field testing and gathering feedback and tips from cycling enthusiasts like you. The goal is to build a better bike. Bikes that will last generations, that combine art and engineering, that will appreciate in value like a Stradivarius or a Martin guitar, that draw carbon from the atmosphere not add to it. 

A bamboo industry is blooming in the USA and hopefully I won't have to rely on imports in the future. This is visionary.

It ain't just another bike,
Euilly5 bikes of Lewes, Delaware, USA

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