[No Longer] Lost in Thailand ....by Mike Schultz

03/04/2023 12:00 PM | Sussex Cyclists (Administrator)

Check out this series of observations and photos from Sussex Cyclists member and assistant Club Ride Leader Mike Schultz.  

Each weekly post usually tells a story about how he spent the days in his (way out-of-area) rides in Thailand. Read about his bike rides, cycling companions and thoughts about the food and people he's met.

Mike left for Thailand in mid-January and we look forward to him collecting many safe and enjoyable miles while he's not a flatlander any more.  When he returns in early April , we look forward to him telling us "all" about his adventures in a far away land and on a commercial bicycle he wouldn't be caught riding on one of our Club Group Rides!

Mike's message from ThailandGood luck to all in Sussex and keep riding.

1/20/23 - In the Beginning

Totally settled in here at a guesthouse on the beach with all amenities 300 dollars a month. Luxury for me. The second hand Richert bicycle I bought from an overweight Dutchman for 100 dollars needed work but it may serve well. [See right panel for Mike's self described opinion - "My trusty, rusty, crappy Richart junk bike. How I miss my bamboo."

I've been going out on group rides with Jomtien Cycling Club 3-4 times a week. Brutal! We leave town in darkness 6:15 am sharp and make our way into the surrounding hills. The obstacles are quite surprising, packs of wandering feral dogs, water buffaloes, mendicant monks, tuk-tuks, street vendors, maybe an elephant or two.........Read More from Mike 

[Editors Note: The 13th and final installment (4/3/23) of Mike's adventure is now posted - welcome home, Mike!] 

Mike’s first ride on his wooden frame eBike (taken during a Monday Group Paved Trail/Road Ride

from Dewey Beer-Harbeson, Summer 2022 )

Mike’s “Thai” Bike he acquired soon after arriving  in Thailand for $100   (January 2023)

["My trusty, rusty, crappy Richart junk bike.

How I miss my bamboo."]

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